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What is President Lockheed?

Sniper: President Lockheed is a comic me and Casper are making together (me writing, her art) about a cat who becomes President of the United States

Is he really elected for president? (he didnt sign up to be one did he)

S: My plan was that someone who just happened to have the same name as a cat signed up to be president but for some reason disappeared

Are any of the characters so far based on anyone?

S: Yes! Lockheed is based off of my (cute wittle X3) cat back at my grandma's named Lockheed. He is also black and white. He is also partly based on one of my friends old cats (they sold him a long time ago) who always liked to sleep on a fancy pillow that made him seem royalty, making me think of him as a kitty president X3. Kitou (in comic 4) is one of my dad's cats

What made you (2) want to start President Lockheed?

S: Well I wasnt really much of a artist type anymore a few months ago, and I was talking with my friend Casper when I had an idea to work on a comic together with her. We talked a little and concluded our thoughts with whats going on now (me as writer her as artist)

Casper: Sniper made up the idea. :) He told me about it, and I thought it would be really good! We agreed that he would write the comics while I made the art. So here we are, a dynamic duo bringing you entertainment for your dull internet experience! :D

ABOUT THE AUTHORS (Casper and Sniper)

What are your real names?

Sniper: Not telling...

Casper: Mine is Andrea. I'll go by either Andrea or Casper if you want to talk. :)

How old are you two?

S: 14

C: 14-a-rooni! :D

How long have you 2 known each other?

S: forevererererer X3 (lets just say a long time but we do not know each other personally)

C: Years. :3 If I could put a number on it...maybe four? Five? Eleven zillion? Idk. (reitterating what "S" said, we don't know each other outside the internet)

Are you currently working on any other projects?

S: Yes, I am currently writing a story called The Second Spartan, about a Spartan from the Halo series who gets lost over the fight over Reach. I am also working on a comic called The Comimatrix which can be viewed on "" which is about what happens behind the scenes of our favorite movie, The Matrix. And soon I will start a comic series called S.O.S. with Lilyn

C: Yup! I'm working on another comic series on smackjeeves called "The AACC Chronicles". It's about a country on a different world called AACC and the series travels through the country's history, looking at heroes within it that made the land great. You can check that out at "". And I have a few other ideas in mind, but they're secret for now. ;)